If You're New Here

If you’re new here, welcome. I do not take the investment of your time lightly. In September of 2017, Not Moving On stepped on the scene with a promise to grow and change into what it was supposed to be. Since then, the project has taken on many shapes in my mind focusing first on Black people as a whole and the many injustices that we face. Now, the project is being reborn with all Black women, girls, and people who menstruate at the center.

The new vision for Not Moving On is mighty in impact. I hope that focusing on the experiences, healing, community building and education of all Black women, femmes, girls, and people who menstruate will result in creating a deeper impact in the everyday lives of those who come into contact with Not Moving On.

Not Moving On is a mantra for those in need of a pause and some introspection. It is a call for us to slow down for one got damn minute to take an inventory of our energy, investments, and time. Most importantly, it is a reminder for ourselves to remember that we are responsible for the world the generation after us inherits. We cannot and will not move on without our younger sisters. We must teach them the lessons that we have learned. We must heal our wounds. We must take pause, so that they know that they have permission to do the same.

In this new journey, I hope that you join me by

Not Moving On - without processing your story and healing your tender aches

Not Moving On - without learning how to take care of your body

Not Moving On - without ensuring that our younger sisters don’t have to repeat some of the mistakes that we have

Not Moving On encourages dialogue and introspection, healing and sisterhood, pride and self preservation. I hope that you decide to join me in the journey.

Wishing you all the love your heart can hold,

Aja Imani