Not Moving On is a platform purposed to provide Black women and girls with the information and community we need to heal and sustain the most tender parts of ourselves. What started as a blog has now grown to support the need for better information and spaces for us to come together and learn about ourselves.

Look to Not Moving On for encouragement on digging your heels in and demanding your healing, demanding your own knowledge of self and demanding your own healthy boundaries. Life has a way of isolating us which often leaves us with the false belief that we’re all alone in everything. Not Moving On says “Hell No.” We’re breaking down the walls. We’re talking about fibroids, orgasms and healthy boundaries. We’re talking about attachment patterns, traumatic childhoods, the toxicity we allow our lives, and the parts of self-care that rarely can be found on Instagram. We’re talking because sharing information will save a sister’s life.

With that said, bring your girlfriends, ya momma, aunties and your neighbor. Call them and say: “I’m Not Moving On without #InsertWhatYouNeed…Are you with me?”