The Diva Cup

I started using the DivaCup in 2016. I ended up running out of my normal arsenal of menstrual products, a friend of mine (Hey Jo!) introduced me to the DivaCup and I am so glad that she did. A month later I ended up going to South Africa for a month. The Diva Cup was the only feminine product that I packed and I had no plan to buy tampons or pads. Clearly I was working with an enormous amount of faith in this experiment. Three years later and I am still loving the Diva Cup, so much so that I'm blogging about it!

Anywho, enough about me. Let's get to the goods. The Diva Cup is a dye-free, chemical free, medical grade, silicone cup that serves as a wonderful alternative to pads and tampons during a women's lady time. Through my conversations with some friends of mine, I came up with the list of questions below that I'm hoping will convert you. Let's go!

Why is this important?

I'm a big proponent of independent research and I don't want you to just take my word for it. I've included  some links in this section to get you started. In short: Contrary to popular belief, the FDA does NOT regulate what companies put in feminine products. There are many studies that confirm chlorine (a known carcinogen) and other nasties are used to make many of the feminine products found in stores today.

Your vagina is highly absorbent. DON'T LET HER SOAK UP THE NASTIES.

What do you do with the blood?

I know that the picture that comes to mind when you think of a cup holding your blood is something out of a horror movie. I will tell you that throughout the year that I have been using the Diva Cup, I have never experienced a crime scene. When you're ready to take the cup out, grab it by the stem, fold it *so nothing comes out*, and dump it in the toilet. In comparison to tampons and pads, the exposure to blood is about the same.  

Does it hurt?

No! If you put it in right, you can't feel it.

Is it hard to use at first?

I won't say its hard. I'd just say that putting it in right, takes some getting used to. A lot of women experience some leaking during the first few uses but with some persistence getting it in right comes easy.

Does it leak?

Aside from the fact that our wonderful bodies are designed to create a suction around the cup to prevent leakage...We wouldn't be here if this thing wasn't the TRUTH. Since using the Diva Cup correctly I haven't experienced ANY leakage. No panty liner. No pad. Pants aren't even necessary. Sometimes I forget I'm on my period.

Does it smell?

I said it was the TRUTH and I meant it. No smell. In fact, menstrual blood doesn't begin to smell until it comes into contact with the air, since the cup is airtight, no smell.

Bathing Suits? White Pants?

Do it. No problem. As long as you have practiced inserting the cup correctly, you should be fine!

What about the sizes?

DivaCup offers two sizes. The way that I understand it is that women who have had babies (via cesarean section or vaginally) that are interested in trying the DivaCup should use Size 2. Everyone else can use Size 1.


Consider how much money you spend on tampons and pads monthly. The Diva Cup can be bought at a hot $40. The makers of the DivaCup list several different factors that could alter the lifespan of the DivaCup (pH, care, etc.) They recommend replacing it once a year but depending on the condition of the cup, you call the shots.

Things to Keep in Mind?

WHEN you try the DivaCup, make sure that you don't try to focus on inserting it upward, like you would a tampon. Angle the cup so that it's parallel to the floor *trust me, your girl will not fall out*. Also, you have to make sure that it's completely open so that it doesn't leak. That can be done by taking a finger along the outside of the cup once inserted *it's not gross. just do it*.

Well, I think that's all there is to it, for now! We'll have to come back soon to talk about Summer's Eve. If you have any questions or want to troubleshoot, PLEASE contact me. I'd also love to hear your victory stories!



Aja Imani